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How to uninstall bloatware from your phone without root access

Dealing with bloatware is one of the worst things a phone user can face. Despite the fact that Android phones now come with far less bloatware than the situation a few years ago, that doesn't mean it's gone entirely and in most cases, bloatware is just an annoyance getting in the way. If you are wondering how to remove bloatware from Android smartphones, this guide is for you.
Over the last couple of years, Android has seen significant third-party development and this has allowed for the creation of tools that allow you to get rid of bloatware without having to root your phone. Sure, with root, the whole process of removing bloatware from Android phones is super easy, but if you don't want to root your phone and void your warranty, this method is for you.
Now, in this method, we will use a tool that is very convenient and can remove bloatware from Android phones easily.
Step 1
Enabling USB Debugging on your phone
1. Open the Settings app on your phone and go to About Phone.
2. Tap on the Build Number seven times to enable Developer Options
3. Go back to the Settings menu and go to Additional Settings> Developer Options.
4. Enable USB Debugging.
5. Enable Wireless Debugging
Step 2
Download these 2 apps
Step 3
Pairing Device With LADB
1. Open App Local ADB and split the screen 
2. Open Settings>Additional Settings> Developer Options>Wireless Debugging
3. Go to "Pair device with pairing code" 
4. Write the pairing code in "Port" in LADB
Step 4
1. Go to Package Viewer 
2. Select an app and copy the package name
3. Go to LADB and in command write (pm uninstall -k --user 0) and paste the (package name) 
4. You have successfully uninstalled the app


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